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Survey: Accountants Do Best in the South

Accountants fare best in the South when it comes to income. The recent survey by ranked the states not by actual compensation but by how much professionals make compared to the income of the average worker.

In 18 states, accountant pay was at least 50 percent more than the average worker’s.

Eight out of the top 10 states were in the South with Mississippi leading the pack. Average accountant pay in that state was $65,420 annually, which was 63 percent more than the average earner’s $40,090 annually. The highest pay area, Washington D.C. was also the worst on the list as the average $103,930 in accountant pay was only 16-percent higher than $89,800 for the average wage earner.

Rounding out the top 10 in order were Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas and West Virginia.

Excluding D.C., the worst states were largely across the nation’s northern tier. Ranked from best to worst these were Maryland and Oregon tied at 36 percent above average income. The rest were New Hampshire, Connecticut, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Hawaii.

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