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ADP DataCloud Helping to Understand Diversity

New tools have been added to ADP DataCloud to ascertain the diversity of their workforce. The ADP DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Dashboard and Organizational Benchmarks help businesses identify any groups which are under-represented via a question-and-answer format.

 Users can quickly focus on the issues via tabs  with questions like "How diverse is your workforce?" "Which areas of my organization are not diverse?" and "How diverse is my organization's leadership distribution?"

The DEI Dashboard enables them to see the diversity of their staff by the organization, department and job level. They can break down data by categories like ethnicity, gender, age, disability or veteran status. Organizational Benchmarks can help answer questions: "How does my headcount by department compare to similar organizations in my region? Nationally?" "Which skills should my organization be investing more in?" and "What percentage of total labor costs do my peers spend on specific functional areas, like sales and marketing?"

The DEI dashboard can be used to compare organizational metrics such as headcount, labor costs and turnover against other similar businesses; advise which jobs or departments leaders should invest in; identify areas of the company that could be over-invested and recommend re-deploying capital into other job’ and analyze areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, including possible savings from an outsourcing plan.

Workforce Compensation Analysis tool evaluates the pay competitiveness of every job in a client organization in relation to the market and can also identify jobs or workers who are being underpaid or overpaid, relative to similar positions.


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