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Pro Returns Pull Ahead of 2020

Efiles from professional preparers surged ahead of last year’s tax reasons. Meanwhile, self-prepared efiles for 2021 fell further behind the year ago totals.

Total returns of 55,450,000 for the 64 days ended April 16 were 3.4-percent lower than 53,651,000 for the 82 days for ended April  17, 2020.

Meanwhile, the 55,450,000 efiles from paid preparers were 3.4 percent ahead of the 53,651,000 in last season’s corresponding period. Self-prepared efiles fell 5.7 percent behind the 2020 season, dropping to 49,336,000 from 52,340,000. The efile total for the reported period this year was 104,786,000, 1.1-percent less than 105,991,000  a year ago.

The Internal Revenue Service issued  73,316,000 refunds this year, 9.9-percent fewer than 81,349,000 in the longer period a year ago.

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