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Pro Efiles Gain 5.4 Percent Over 2020

Efiles from paid preparers totaled 58,506,000 for the 64 days ended April 16, a 5.4-percent rise over the 82 days ended April 17, 2020. Meanwhile, DIY users who owe money may be waiting on deadline as self-prepared returns have fallen behind the 2020 compared season at an accelerating rate over the last two reporting periods.

There were 50,875,000 self-prepared efiles through April 16, a 6.8-percent drop from 54,561,000 a year ago. That left total efiles at 109,381,000, down .6 percent from 110,089,000 for the comparable period a year ago.

Total returns received by the Internal Revenue Serove remained 4.7 percent behind last year’s totals, falling to 116,139,000 from 121,892,000. There were 77,652,000 refunds reported by the IRS this year, a decline of 8.4 percent from 84,771,000.

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